“Round Midnight” at Swan Bar

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Played after-hours informal jam; accompanied singers Ursuline Kairson, Richard Allen, Jennifer Jade Ledesna, Patrick “Mr. Easy” Durand, Sarah Holtrop, Brigitte Beling, Terrance Gelenter, Céline Arnaud, Laure Pierredun, Lexi DeRock, Brian Scott Bagley, Maria Christoforou, Valérie Martignac, Luana Kim, Tiffany Assouline, Valérie Kuhn, Sabrina Lee, Natalie Gordon, Emmanuel Faussurier, Stéphanie Manus, and the Hiribarne Family: Ariane, Lauren, and Raphael, plus jazz poet Moe Seager, trumpeters Hermon Mehari and Michael Missiras, tenor saxophonist Brian Price, and “claquettistes” (tap-dancers) Aicha Toure, Philou Nagau, Nicolas Jan, Patrick Honoré and Samuel Mwame.

Also welcomed guest pianists Jean-Claude Guignard, Philippe Ours, David Herridge and Magdalena Stroj. At the “New York Jazz Club On Montparnasse,” Paris 6ème.

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